With hundreds of thousands sold records as an artist / composer / drummer / producer / mixing engineer Ronny Milianowicz is one of the most respected Swedish musicians in the modern metal/hard rock business.

He´s compositions have been mixed by names like Ronald Prent (Rammstein) & Mike Frasier (AC/DC, Aerosmith) in places like Bryan Adams Studio. He composes music for as different styles as Fergie Feredriksen ex. TOTO to German Heavy Metal band Primal Fear.

As an artist he has played live in over 30 countries from Japan to the U.S. and all over Europe with bands like Sinergy, Dionysus & Saint Deamon.

As and producer/mixing engineer he was taught by  the best there is such as Roy Z (Judas Priest/Halford) and Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost) and is becoming one of the most hired metal producers  in Sweden working with bands like Amon Amarth, Primal Fear, but also do more AOR rock oriented stuff for Record Labels like Frontiers Records. (ISSA-Sign of Angels)

Ronny Milianowicz carrier started back in 1998 when he approached Joacim Cans in Hammerfall to become their new drummer. The drummer seat was not available but Ronny’s skills impressed Joacim so much he recommended him to a new super group called Sinergy with members from In Flames, Children of Bodom & Arch Enemy/Mercyful Fate.

In 1999 they released the highly acclaimed debut “Beware the Heavens” on Nuclear Blast. After a successful tour in Japan he formed Swedish/German super group Dionysus who released “Sign of Truth”, “Anima Mundi”, Fairytales and reality” as well as the “Best of album” “Keep the Spirit” on AFM Records. They toured Europe extensively for month as support for Saxon & Doro.

A new band was born with Swedish/Norwegian band Saint Deamon who released “In Shadows Lost from the Brave” & “Pandeamonium” on Frontiers Records. The band did around 100 gigs in 3 years before Ronny decided to quit due to the fact that ex.time was not enough.

Currently he is forming a new band, composing for his new band and the new album with Primal Fear, mixing, mastering and record different band from all over Europe and enjoying life while spending time with his wife and his three kids.

Ronny’s highlights:

As a composer: Getting the song “Seven Seals” by Primal Fear mixed by Mike Frazier in Bryan Adams studio.

As a drummer: Playing in Tokyo with Sinergy, Wacken Open Air Germany with Dionysus and Prog Power with Saint Deamon U.S.

As a producer: Working with Roy Z on “Pandeamonium and working with Jens Bogren on “In Shadow Lost from the Brave”. And of course recording 3 albums with my drum idol Uli Kusch ex. Helloween, Gamma Ray, Masterplan. That is probably the most impressive musician I ever worked with.